Introducing CaseWind, a case management system designed and built for the social services industry.


CaseWind - Case Management Portal


Business Portal

CaseWind is more than just a Case Management System, it's also a business portal with tools to support many different roles within your company. Clinical, Staffing, Billing, Referrals, IT, and more.


Responsive Design

CaseWind is a web based application that provides an easy to use modern interface that is fully responsive and compatible with desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.


Industry Supported

CaseWind was developed by and is supported by IT workers from the Social Services industry. Because of this, they have a very strong understanding of the Social Services industry and how to support it's needs.

Amazing Features

Over 10 years of industry driven development has produced features that are highly effective
for worker productivity, on point supervision and improving management through data analysis.

Powerful Dashboard

Each user will be presented with a "one stop" dashboard to increase efficiency of task completion so that the process never impedes caring for clients.

User Friendly

A highly intuitive and visually apealling user interface guides users to complete tasks quickly with high accuracy.

Smart Task Tracking

The task tracking system allows your company to build standard operating procedures into CaseWind so nothing falls through the cracks.

Cost Control

Better quality assurance checks and increased documentation accuracy will save your company money over time through greatly decreased denied billing.

Custom Features

All companies have unique situations, so custom development is available both at time of setup and ongoing as new challenges arise.

Stellar Support

Casewind is supported by the team that developed it so that bugs, issues or new needs can be addressed quickly with minimal interruption to your operations.

Pricing for every business, any size

CaseWind will have a base price. This will include all setup, data transfers, training, and 3 months of support.

  • This cost does not include travel costs for trainers and onsite IT staff.
  • The monthly fee is separate from the base/setup fee.
  • 5 hours of support are included per month. After 5 hours, there will be a support fee billed.
  • Custom development other than minor updates and adjustments during setup will hold a custom development fee billed per hour. This process will require a detailed description of development requirements and will be quoted and require approval prior to work.
  • 1-99 Users
  • $30
  • Per User Per Month
  • Onsite Training
  • Data Migration Assistance
  • 100-199 Users
  • $25
  • Per User Per Month
  • Onsite Training
  • Data Migration Assistance
  • GALE
  • 200-500 Users
  • $20
  • Per User Per Month
  • Onsite Training
  • Data Migration Assistance

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